Quality target

We indicate the Guidelines for our Quality Policy:

  • Customers: establish solid relationship with Customers for receive information about product's and service's quality. We would like to become “Partner” of our Customers and cooperate for making programs that help us to improve our efficiency.
  • Production: keep always an hi quality standard of production. We guarantee the maximum respect of the contract's specifics and more. We control our production in all the phases using sophisticated instruments.
  • Deliveries: finish products have to be accurately packaged and delivered always according to terms and conditions pre-established with Customers.
  • Price Policy: maintain prices on a competitive level, reducing costs caused by inefficiencies of production and organizational problems.
  • Organizational Approach: everyone operating in our Company has to be involved in our processes of Quality improvement.
  • Planning: Quality improvement is a complex process that has to be planned and always controlled.
  • Prevention: prevention has to be a constant operating principle, we encouraging the analysis of the causes and rationalising the controls on Quality process and System.
  • Personnel: our workers are hi specializer and they are continuosly formed and motivated with incentive.
  • Suppliers: located, estimate and involve suppliers, in order to guarantee a continuos improvement of the purchased product, thanks to a Partnership relation based on coperation and trust.

Our quality controls are carried out in a Metrological Room with Temperature Control System using following machines:

  • ZEISS CONTURA G2 RDS with RDS / VAST XXT head, range 700x1000x600 mm Thanks to ZEISS innovative technology, the rotating head of the machine allows to reach any angle with a very high number of positions; useful for the measurement of complex parts Optical measuring machine MITUTOYO QS-L1020Z software QSPAK V.7 Precision T3500
  • Roughness Tester
  • Profile Projectors STARRETT, PH 3500 Mitutoyo, Nikon 0-25 mm.
  • Mitutoyo Microscope 0-50 mm.