Our products

Cozzi Srl is able to provide, with maximum accuracy, Turning, Milling and Grinding Components. Cozzi snc works almost all the plastic material and metals like: Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Bronze, Alloys, Derlin, Nylon, Teflon, PVC, etc. Cozzi Srl, thanks to the collaboration with Specialized Partners, provides “finish products” completed of other services including: rectifying, broaching, heat treatments, surface treatments and galvanic treatments.

Our turning work is supplied with heat and superficial treatment included.

Precision turned parts: Flanges
Precision turned parts: Grinded shafts
Turned plastic pieces
Simple turning on traditional machines
Precision pieces on CNC lathes

One of Cozzi snc “strength points” is the production of Valves and Greaser, using different material (for example Stainless Steel). Cozzi snc provide them completed of assembling and test up to 400/500 atm.

Valves and Greaser

Thanks to a modify CNC Lathes and using a specific application, Cozzi snc can produce “finish” parts up to Ø 35 mm and with a maximum length of 1 m.