Our Company

Cozzi company was founded in 1962 by Renzo Cozzi, skilled worker in a big mechanical company that became since then one of our best Customers.

In 1967, Renzo Cozzi with his brother Bruno founded Fratelli Cozzi Snc, a small firm ( 40 square meters ) located in Magenta; Fratelli Cozzi snc.

In 1973, thanks to the good tendency of the business, Fratelli Cozzi Snc had greatly grown and was transferred in a new own establishment of 300 square meters . In 1989 the company disposed of 500 square meters of production area.

In 1996 Francesco Cozzi , Bruno's son, took the place of Renzo and thanks to his innovative ideas and his entrepreneurial formation, impressed to the company a modern and dynamic tendency.

Francesco's innovative spirit, according to the experience of his father Bruno, have become Cozzi Srl a modern and dynamic Company that pay the maximum attention to the Quality of its Products and Services .

Cozzi Srl is an high competitive and reliable supplier, able to guarantee precision and punctuality, thanks to a qualified management that approach all the company from the productive infrastructure (machine park always up to date) to the all organizational process. Choose Cozzi means trusting in an efficient and sure Partner.

From 1999 Cozzi Srl has a new Center in Magenta: 2000 square meters of production area and 300 square meters of Office department. In 2019, 800 square meters of warehouse are added.

Cozzi Srl besides the two founder always presents, employs 25 skilled workers, 5 night workers e 2 office-workers. Workers are distributed on two shifts, from 07:00 in the morning to 01:00 in the night.

During its long activity, over 40 years old, Cozzi Srl gets some important awards, for example:

• "Mechanical Workshop Efficient and Safe" in 1970

• “Gold Medal Milan Productive" in 1993

Cozzi Srl is a Company Certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.